Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sweatshop Infirmary

After turning away would be surprise visitors this afternoon, I felt the mild anger I've had toward my recent GI woes build to fury, boil over into self loathing then simmer to a creative agitation. So, forgoing naps and bouts of the red couch camp out I've been on for the last 46 hours or so, I put these babies together. I was a staple gun wielding, foam cutting, fabric tearing dervish, and though my back is now threatening secession from the corporeal union, I feel almost human again.
To be perfectly honest, they're not actually "together" as ZB has the power drill at work, but they're darn close. If only you, dear reader, could see the number of to-do lists, spanning back about a year and a half, that included this project you'd question my ability to dress myself daily. The original idea came from ReadyMade magazine (I can't seem to find the link), but Martha has a version of it now too.

P.S. The leaf is not attached, the shot just needed some green.
P.P.S. The raccoon is not attached, the shot just needed some raccoon.


  1. I'm so in love with them! Is one of them for little wee folks to sit upon or just stare at?

    We miss you! I'm starting to sound like ella..."Where's Claire...I only want Claire...where is Claire????"

    And then I shuffle around talking to myself...

    Seriously - You need to get better!

  2. The whole plan was for little people to sit on them, (the tall one is for little Mamas)but then I scrapped my stabilizing idea. So they're probably not the most child safe, but we'll see.

    Either they'll work, become decorative items, or I'll add some wedge elements to make 'em safer.

    I miss you too. Hence my great toadstool building fury. I really hated to turn you guys away. Boo.