Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Speaking of Halloween

Last week I posted about some yarn I picked up and since have been working away with the cream mohair to make what I've been lovingly calling my "light bulb sweater." That, plus the sleeping bear, plus my ever growing impulse to sew has led me to revel in my last completed sewing project (no, I don't count the tool belt or the mushroom hat which, while instantly gratifying, hardly satisfied the pattern-maker in me.)
Last Halloween I went as a light bulb, with Zion the moth on my arm. I made a simple ruffle bottomed dress with rough edges that frayed like filaments as the night wore on, trimmed with simple cotton lace. Over that I wore a blouse from target on which I sketched and painted an Edison bulb, a light bulb and hardware necklace, a few hinges and bits at my wrists, a rusty outlet garter strapped to my leg, and of course a parasol.For Zion I made a back vest, found a black tie and drew the moth in gold on the combination. Plus I added bits of hardware, fingerless gloves, a newsboy hat and some steampunked-out welder's goggles.We looked like some post modern bride and groom, even more so when we were busted making out in a dark hallway. We were warm, comfortable, and felt less like costumed play actors and more like extensions of our own eccentric selves. I know this post is hardly seasonally appropriate, but it's going to take working diligently for the next 9 months to have any chance at topping Halloween 2008. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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