Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring has Sprung a Leak

So, it's been raining steadily since I posted about my ranunculus. I still haven't sketched a thing. I now have a small legion of sprouted snap peas that need transplanting, sweet pea sprouts starting to pop and therefore 2 trellises to construct. But I'm not in the mood for cold, soggy gardening. Instead I'm planting some small indoor terrariums.

The planting is just the beginning of this tangential project, it's just setting up the landscape. I have plans for some unnatural residents to move into these containers too. I'll post the results soon, but hopefully that'll be sometime after my peas are planted.

P.S. On our long drive home Sunday night Zion and I decided that someone needs to make a Twilight parody with Zombies. Groaning, gaping head wounds, torn pants and the student body just thinks they're emo.

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