Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sticky Notes, Succulents and One Very Happy Spidermonkey

I'm a pretty weird bird, and never more so than on my birthday - I love the attention, but hate to be the center of it, if that makes any sense. Every March 25th I walk a fine line between laughter and tears. But my friends make throwing a birthday party for me look easy. Check out some of my loot!
I thought I was attending a simple birthday dinner, but instead I was treated to a bunch of my favorite things, a donut cake, french dips, a smörgåsbord of potato chips. Not to mention sweet mix tapes and a houseful of some of my favorite people all wearing "I heart Claire" t shirts. Except instead of the word "Claire" insert a ridiculous windblown picture of my face. I'll post more pictures when I get my hands on them. For now, I'll just say I had a very happy birthday. So happy in fact, that I feel like I'm still having a happy birthday. Check out Amelia's post about it, it's quite a bit more eloquent than mine.

Thank you, Heidi. Thank you, Amelia. I love you. No, I lurve you.

Side note - How cool is it that spell check speaks Swedish? It's correction of "smorgasbord" kinda felt like a tardy b-day gift! I guess if I have any readers that aren't already aware, I just outed myself as the huge nerd that I am.

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  1. We are so bummed to have missed it! Those *#!eans! Damn the volcano!