Thursday, March 22, 2012

Checked Out

That's what I've been. Checked out, since we lost the Boobers. Thank you all so much for your kind words and thoughts on our dear girl. I do miss her, but things are slowly but surely recalibrating. I, though have not quite been myself since.

Oh, we've been plenty busy too. A certain someone has been registered and assessed for Kindergarten. The closets are all purged and reorganized. The crib is gone and a bunk bed is in its place. I've been bingeing on books, some highly enjoyable, others highly forgettable, but each held its own little escape for me.

We spent a week in California with my sister and her family, which was marvelous, but saying goodbye to my nieces always leaves me in a funk. I did see some inspiring things down there. Beautiful vintage dresses and some swoon-worthy found object jewelry.

Perhaps most inspiring of all though, was seeing one Mr. Ewan McGregor at Seatac Int'l! He walked through the metal detector between me and my husband. I sat there, putting shoes back on the boys, staring back at tall, dark, oblivious Zion and freaking Ewan McGregor, essentially side by side, and I have to say, my Zion held his own. Handsome, sexy, charming even when standing elbow to elbow with delicious Butterscotch Mancandy himself. Not a bad day for my marriage! The accent is a little irresistible though, and Mr. McGregor was super gracious to all the staff... I'd still let him buy me a drink... or two.

Anyway, it's been a strange month here and I haven't been myself. Creative pursuits have all but dried up, which always makes me feel like a husk. But happily, happily, when I finally returned to my dear blog, which I haven't even glanced at in a month I found this news! Kid's Clothes Week is coming soon. That aughta get my off my ass! But first I have to get sketching.