Monday, March 23, 2009

Let the Right One In

If Ingmar Bergman had made Suspiria, or if Alfred Hitchcock had made Twilight, the results may have come close to this. It's implicit, subtle, hopeful and horrifying. The romance is lovely. The violence is as lovely as the romance.

Everyone who touched this film deserves applause. In particular I'd like to treat the entire sound department to a round of drinks. The silence and noise are exquisite. "Let the Right One In" has a few appropriately timed giggle-worthy genre moments, but the overall sense is not of fear or terror, but horror. And beauty.

It's probably not for everyone. Even Zion, who in the end thoroughly dug it, turned to me midway and asked, "Claire Bean, what the hell is this?" It's bloody, it's dark, it's uncomfortable. But it's also graceful and haunting. It gives me hope that the future of horror movies lies away from bloodied breast implants, that my son will grow up in a world with both excellent hysterical "B" movies and atmospheric character-driven "A" movies.

Thanks Amelia, for launching me on this journey many months ago, and thanks Ryan for finally providing the destination.


  1. If we wouldn't have run out of time we should've watched it. This post is KILLING ME.

  2. Friday night was everything it could have been. We would have given neither each other nor the movie the proper attention.

    Besides, you should totally watch this alone with your headphones on.