Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello Fall!

Last Spring my rain boots tore in some secret place in the seam, creating a one way valve whereby water sloshed in with every step, yet never sloshed out again. Here I am, many months later still without a pair of boots. So yesterday, when Fall flipped a switch and breezy warm became deluge, I rolled up to preschool in a rain coat and my saltwater sandals. Pathetic.

I had been saying to Tall, Dark and Husbandy that duck shoes might suit my purposes better, but where to find them for less than $80? So, while I stood at preschool in my saltwaters, in walked the new, fashionable mom at school sporting duck shoes. She said Marshall's. So to Marshall's I went. They're Sperry Top-sider brand, awesomely comfortable, and were on sale for $25. If you're looking for duck shoes - hit up Marshall'sSince Fall seems here in earnest we've been listening to a lot of this. An homage of sorts, I guess. Thanks for the great Summer, sunshine. Now onto leaves and sweaters, cinnamon and acorns. And, of course, Halloween!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Preschool started yesterday. I've been looking forward to settling into a cozier Fall routine, to earlier bedtimes, and indoor play. And of course I've been looking forward to the preschool hours off. Time for work and reading and sewing, and even posting a few completed projects that I haven't shared with you all yet. Well, yesterday was the big day, so here's one of those yet unposted works.It's a gnome hat! Sorry for the lame picture quality, but even blurry this was way cuter than any photo of Old Helen (or old me - even without a head Helen is a better hat model than I am! Ha!)

I made it from this great pattern, available for sale on Ravelry. I made in a weekend, but a faster (and less distracted) knitter could probably bust one out in a few hours. This is an adult size, but the shape of it is very open and it seems to essentially fit all 4 of us Brewers. I think I'll cast on fewer stitches to (maybe 4 fewer?) to make one for B. He says he doesn't want one though.

He wants this, and I don't blame him. But this gnome hat was so quick and fun to make, and so full of whimsy that he may get one whether he wants it or not. I'm thinking stripes. Maybe with a big button instead of ties? Maybe he'd be down if there were a knit mustache involved. Hmmm... not a bad idea...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get Up and Go

Hi everyone! What a crazy few weeks we've had. I've stumbled my way through a series of crises and I'm sorry to say that my mind has been just about everywhere but here. But this afternoon, after a wonderful morning at the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, I checked in over at elsiemarley and found this:Ah! I can't think of anything better to get me back into my old worker bee self than Kids' Clothes Week Challenge! I'm thrilled. It doesn't hurt that Beckett will be back in school by then, that Calder has started napping (mostly) regularly and that I'm finally feeling something like "at home" in our apartment. It's been a crazy Summer, but I've always loved Fall best anyway.

Huge thanks to Meg of elsiemarley for hosting KCWC. Click on over there and check it out!