Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Sleeping Bear

I came across this yesterday over at Ohdeedoh, and was ready to drop upwards of a thousand dollars to get my hands on one. How amazing is that? It's a sleeping bag, specifically designed to tap into the pink plush-lined nightmare realm I'd guess. Actually, it was designed to create an experience in nature and in freedom from our "systemized culture and modern society." It's by Eiko Ishizawa. I particularly the love the intentional ambiguity of the role of the wearer. Are you an ancient hunter in bear skins? The bear itself? Are you its killer or its dinner?Turns out, it's not for sale yet, which begs the question, could I make something like this? The answer most likely is no, but as this is the time of year when I usually start planning my Halloween projects, this is a pretty great kick-off to costume sketching season.

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