Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sewing like a Grown Up, Eating like a Child

B decided he wanted to spent a few days with his grandparents, so Calder and I have had the place to ourselves for the past 2 days. I miss Beckett, and tend to talk to myself a lot in his absence, but this little break has afforded me some lovely baby time. Plus I've been eating all kinds of garbage that I generally won't even allow in our house (I actually had Lucky Charms for breakfast this morning. How gross is that?) And, of course, it's also given me the chance to get started on my sewing list.
Today I washed, pressed, drafted and even made a bonafide muslin of one of my newly created patterns. No real sewing just yet, but I'm pretty impressed by my own huge leaps in sewing maturity. A year ago I had no clue that an iron could be the Bonnie to my sewing machine's Clyde, let alone that pants could be patterned up right here at home. Amazing what a little time and patience can get you. Now I have 4 of The 7, pictured above, washed, pressed, cut, pinned and ready to be stitched up and crossed off the list.

I'm hoping to get one garment, most likely the purple number up there, done in the morning. No promises, but I'll do my best.

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