Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mr. Fancy Pants

B made his own pants! He apparently inherited my dad's sharp dresser gene, and is way into special occasion dressing. A few weeks ago he told me he wanted to make his own pants and matching bow tie for his aunt's wedding. The notion of a vest has been tossed around too, but I'm hoping he forgets about it. Now he's all worked up about getting a collared shirt. I had to bribe him with peanut butter pie just to get him to model his "special pants" without his "special shirt." Even with the pie, he's a pretty reluctant model, but at least I have something to post.This went along with the whole fabric de-stash as this seersucker came out of the drawers. I originally bought it to make some pants for myself, and seeing how cute these are on B, I'm a little torn. On one hand, I wish I had followed through and made some sweet seersucker beach pants for myself, on the other I fully recognize how much cuter these are in little boy form than in grown woman form. I do love little boy fashion though. I swear if I had the time and opportunity I'd regularly dress like a newsie.

The next few days are packed with crazy, so I won't have too much time to blog. I'll try to sneak a little in. Otherwise I'll be getting back to my list of 7 on Monday. I saw a great stripe jersey the other day that hurt a little to walk away from, but I stayed strong! 6 more to go!

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