Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Little Plan

I horde fabric. I also horde the sketches and sewing ideas that led me to buy said fabric in the first place. As my drafting/ sewing skills have grown, and my tastes have matured, this habit has become increasingly expensive. And we're broke. So, I'm putting myself on restriction.

I'm making a list of 7 garments pulled from my sketchbook and to be made with materials in my stash. I must complete all 7 projects before I can buy any more fabric. Bam! I can still buy the odd notion, etc. And I need to pick up something for my mom's birthday gift, but no fabric for me until I have 7 new things made from 7 nearly forgotten ideas. More details to follow, once the list is complete.

This also comes at a time when, even as an adult, I crave back to school shopping. So hopefully I can kill two financially unsound birds with this here one stone.

In other news, still no word from my wilder, artist half. Though I did spend a few minutes staring at a blank sketchbook page trying to will her into appearance. Really, it's just standard 6 week post postpartum weariness that has me itching for the freedom to be a little unpredictable. To, say, take a shower without making plans to facilitate it, but I might as well ask for the moon.

Despite the pervasive claustrophobia, I'm honestly just too damn tired to do much about it. But it looks like B will be starting preschool next month so maybe I can get crazy then. In regimented 3 hour periods. Ha! Until then, away we sew.

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