Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Magnificent 7

Here they are, in no particular order. Remember, I must complete all 7 of these garments with fabric from my giant stash, purchasing only notions or the odd trim, before I can buy any new fabric.

~Short Sleeve Wrap Cardigan - one of my cardigans with wide shawl collar and printed cotton details.

~Lounging Trousers - wide leg loose pant with a wide elastic waistband encased in rib knit.

~Thermal Tee - basic tee made from light waffle knit.

~Two Piece Tank Dress - knee length "guillotine dress" made with a soft knit tank and 30's reproduction print cotton.

~Scarf Wrap Cardigan - another one of my cardigans with an extra scarf attachment at the neckline.

~Boatneck Tee - simple loose fit 3/4 sleeve tee.

~Muslin Skirt - basic panel skirt with deep pockets, bias tape trim and maybe a stencil or two.

I had a hard time not making a "magnificent 15" but maybe this little experiment will just be a springboard. I'd love to keep going and fill up my closet whilst emptying my fabric drawers.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm sick of our living room and have plans for redecorating, my kids need wedding attire, and I'm redrafting my cardigan pattern for my mom's birthday. And I'm really wanting to get my etsy shop up and running this fall. That's a lot to accomplish in between breast feedings and Hot Wheels monster truck rallies. But we'll see.


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  2. woah, did yr blog just get spammed? big time now lady!

    on a real note, so gifts don't count in this little experiment right? So i could say 'gift' you some fabric and you could make me a cardi vest? and maybe i could accidentally gift you some more fabric just for you?

    just wondering...

  3. WTF? Blog spam? Really?!?

    and yeah, any gifts of fabric will be warmly received. Especially if it comes from another equally ridiculous fabric stash.

    Maybe even a fabric swap is in order.

  4. OOOH an esty shop! I will be your first customer. :) Let me know if you want to start experimenting with little girl clothes. :) We need to catch up again... I'm on the way over to gmail to email you pictures of my school girl.