Thursday, August 5, 2010

Play with your Food

There isn't much that gets Beckett to let loose and really giggle. He's a pretty serious kid, and can be totally humorless at times. When I found him uncontrollably laughing over this book from my collection I was way beyond thrilled. So this morning we went out into my parent's yard and picked apples, crab apples, plums and figs and grabbed a particularly expressive bell pepper from the fridge. What an awesomely ridiculous project. The plum frogs were especially beloved. I'm partial to the apple mice. We did our best with what we had on hand, popcorn kernels, coffee beans, etc, but I cheated and used a little sharpie to give the eyes some definition. I'd like to stock up on black eyes peas for the next time we do this so we can forgo the unnatural entirely.I'm such a huge fan of Joost Elffers and have been for years. I, too, can look at his fruit and veggie creatures and crack up for hours. I'm happy to discover that this is not one of those things that skips a generation. Even happier to discover that the creatures my own son makes make me laugh even more.

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