Friday, July 23, 2010

Work in Progress

I'm working on a few ideas around here. I'd like to wear something hand made to my reunion next weekend, and I have this cockamamie scheme to print my own fabric for it. Crazy, I know given all the free time I don't have. But I made a little progress today, in the few rare moments to myself.

I had some of this Speedball Speedycut printing block left over from making our wedding invites (yay for hoarding art supplies!) I really like this stuff for simple prints. Once upon a time I was a linoleum purist, but this stuff is so quick and user friendly. Plus it seems to print better on fabric.

The whole project is pretty lo-fi, done entirely with stuff I had around the house so it may be a total and utter failure. I haven't done any relief printing in about 4 years, and I highly doubt it's like riding a bicycle. Or it may just end up looking cheap and cheesy. I'll keep you posted on this and my other reunion sewing exploits. Wish me luck!

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