Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Making Time for Making

I've been pretty much living in my wrap cardigans. Carrying the baby snuggled up, shading him from the sun, and of course concealing my ever-bared bosoms behind the drape. I don't really know how I lived without them when B was a newborn. So when I started to feel a little antsy about my idle hands, I figured another quick cardigan might just serve any number of purposes. I was so right. First of all, it was delicious to spend a few purely selfish minutes running fabric through my fingers. Secondly the result is my favorite cardigan yet. It's simple, flattering and sort of frill-free. I love the color, the super long sleeves and the weight and flounce of the jersey. I'm very happy with it, and very very happy I took the time to make it.

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