Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer is Here

The mercury has risen here in the Northwest, after a long, gloomy Spring. I, for one, did not lament the rain and now am faced with surviving the heat. Pardon the melodrama, it's really been lovely, but with 2 kids now my M.O. of high tailin' it to the nearest swimmin' hole is kind of out. And it isn't even that hot, I'm just a big Seattle-raised whiner.
I did my best today to enjoy the fact that Summer has finally arrived so I threw together this little impromptu water play table. Nothing fancy, just a storage bin, some bath toys and a few kitchen items, but we're talking hours of entertainment. I even got in a little gardening while the baby napped in the shade. Pretty great way to spend a sunny late morning. We just might survive the heat after all.

In other news, last night I came into the living room to find my husband rocking a wide awake, but calm, little Jonesie singing "Hello?... Is it me you're looking at?" Ha! Cracked me up. I may have to start calling him Zionel.

1 comment:

  1. Zionel. I love it. Now whenever he say, "Hello," you know I'm just going to start giggling!