Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grandma Sue Sue's Sketches

I just got this email from my mom and thought I'd share.

"Had fun trying to capture my little friends. Poor Claire--I need to
work on her portrait, but I think I got the boys.

Actually, I was told to share by the artist herself - at which point I had to stifle a very petulant, 12 year old "Get your own blog, Mom!"

No, I'm kidding, I'm very proud to share these drawings. Aside from my wonky facial structure, they're wonderful. Beautiful renderings of my boys. I especially love her loose, suggested line quality and the way she uses shading as a focal accent. I'm way too chicken to even attempt portraits of my loved ones, so I'm impressed by her plain old guts too.

The little peeking Jonesie in the first drawing is my favorite part, all gesture and allusion - nothing overt. Lovely. Well done, Mom. You must be getting close to those 10,000 hours by now because you're looking every bit the expert these days!

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