Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Sewing

I'd like to say that I've been handling my upcoming reunion (what the this Saturday?!?) with cool confidence, and though I haven't rushed out for any invasive dental whitening or mysterious waxing, I did have the classic wardrobe meltdown. But I'm broke. And shopping with the Littles is freaking impossible. So I've spent the past several evenings, while my husband gets his baby fix, with needle and thread. Enter idea #1.This bird print, originally a curtain, is my favorite fabric ever. I figured it'd make a nice simple top that I could wear dressed up or dressed down. Well, I was half right. It is a cute summery top, comfy and breezy and perfect for outings with the boys. But the old ball and chain gave it a definitive thumbs down for the reunion. He's right - it's sweet, but void of elegance. Besides he rarely has an opinion at all, so I heeded his advice and started on idea #2.
I know I'm a broken record on this point, but man, I love my cardigans. This one is made of the same gray knit the I used before, has short sleeves with elastic and a ruffle along the front. The ruffle is a little more intense than it was in my head, but all in all, it wins. Comfy, chic and very me. Plus it looks RAD with skinny jeans, red heels and a red belt. And, as icing on this cake, it adds some of the missing class to the bird shirt when they're paired together (though I still think I'll forgo it for Saturday night.)
I'm feeling really good about the strides Ive made in sewing in the last year. I used to enjoy the planning and sewing of a garment, but I'd rarely wear my creations more than once. But after lots of practice and tons of hard lessons, my own designs are now flattering, comfortable, washable and otherwise wearable and getting better all the time. It's pretty darn cool. Also cool that I have this blog as a record of the progress I've made. Pretty darn cool indeed.

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