Saturday, July 24, 2010

Morning Glory

I was up with the sun this morning. I took a cup of tea and my wakeful Calder out onto the roof to revel in the chill and dim. It never gets old for me, my garden, today was no exception. I love early Summer mornings, something that, prior to motherhood, I only experienced as really late Summer nights. I love the dewy air, and the pale green tint the sky takes on. I love the bird calls and the human silence. It was a lovely morning, well worth missing a bit of sleep.

Anyway, my plants are needing some trimming and the kitchen needs a bouquet, but I wanted to snap a few photos before I cut back to mostly green. Maybe I'll post the resulting bouquet later.In other news, the fabric has been ironed and is ready for printing! I just need to clear a little workspace. I also have some other, admittedly tangential, sewing gigs in the works. Old Helen may be awfully busy for the next week.

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