Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shawl Wrap Cardigan

Please excuse the awkward photos herein. I'm 100 miles away from old Helen, and have no grace in front of a camera. None. Although my belly is pretty outstanding these days.I got a little experimental again with my basic drape cardigan pattern. Prior to my confinement I'd been lurking in dark corners of fabric stores to find a white or cream lightweight knit to no avail. I picked up this heavier knit and stared at it for weeks. The other day, with my cousin's encouragement and with a whole run of mediocre movies as our soundtrack, I turned it into this.I had wanted to make a simple shawl collar. As usual, I was working on the fly so I exaggerated the size of the collar, fully intending to cut it down when it was all put together. But when I tried it on it looked surprisingly nice. So the big collar will stay, though it does make the whole thing more wintry. It's 100% cotton, with raw edges as usual. I feel like it gives my daily pajama-fest a touch of class. The vast expanse of blank cream cotton is like a childhood double dare to add some sort of craziness. Like a big stenciled fox or a bunch of printed cotton or something. But I also want to keep it simple. Any thoughts, dear readers?


  1. So lovely - I'm always so surprised by all your amazing cardigan ideas. And the model...sorry Helen...but I think you need to find another profession, because this one (especially with the updo, needs to stay!).