Monday, May 17, 2010

My New Toy... or... Define "Spoiled" Pt. 2

Lookie lookie what my husband surprised me with to help keep me a) off my feet and b) entertained. It's called an MSI Wind and I love it!!! It's cute and quick, the screen is clear and bright despite its diminutive size. I'm such a happy camper. There are no limits to the benefits of being married to a genius, and this is no exception. Since becoming an integral part of the Brewer family it's undergone a few after-market mods, making it even sweeter.

It doesn't have the gusto to easily run a program like photoshop, for example, but with remote access I can do whatever I need to from my home computer. So, should I be put on full bed rest, and thereby made to move in with my parents for a spell, I won't have to give up blogging!

I have to say I was shocked by this gift - this is not the sort of thing ZB and I usually buy at all, let alone give. I'm dumbfounded and moved and grateful and so excited I can't stop touching it. I've always been a sucker for miniatures, though.

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