Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Restier Bed Rest

More discouraging news from the doc this week. And really there isn't much we can do beyond keeping our fingers crossed that this baby will stay put for at least 2 more weeks. But just in case we've adjusted further, picking up some paper plates and bowls, and packing a bag of sandwiches and fruit and snacks to keep by the couch to minimize my efforts.

So far it's worked like a charm. I've only gotten up to use the restroom and to get one glass of milk all day. Frankly about an hour ago I was so sick of staying put I was ready to throw myself out the front window. But I opted for a less dramatic form of defenestration, and climbed out the back window and onto the roof instead.So I'm sitting here on my remarkably comfortable resin adirondack style chairs, with my new toy on my lap and my camera at the ready. Still immobile and confined, but feeling like I can breathe again.
It's beautiful out here. My garden has turned into a lush container jungle despite my recent neglect. It's warm and balmy and feels like thunderstorm weather and the sky is mottled with the dark underbellies of spring stormclouds. This is just what I needed. B too. Playing foreman to his tiny excavation team is all he really needs to have an adventure filled day. I feel human again. Calm and human. The winds are picking up now, and a few raindrops have dotted the blacktop. We'll have to run for cover and enjoy the bluster from the great indoors, which will actually feel great and not imprisoning after our little garden vacation.

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  1. ella spies with her little brown eye a...strawberry...