Friday, May 14, 2010

In Which She Inadvertantly Makes a Bathrobe

Here's my latest cardigan creation. It's just about the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. But I have to say, and it may just be that pastel color, that it totally looks like a bathrobe. Maybe after the little one is born I'll toss this in a dye bath and see what happens.
Despite the resemblance to housewife couture , I'm very happy with the pattern I made for it and with the extra collar detail I added. I've been wanting to make more of these drapey guys, but have wanted to add some x factor to make them unique, not just an army multicolored clones marching in my closet.
It's in a rayon blend jersey and is super light weight like the striped guy I made a while back. It's so soft and very flattering. Given that I can't leave my house these days, do I care that it looks like a 1970s Ballet Russe Prima Ballerina's housecoat? No, not really at all, but I would love to see if a little gray Procion Mx and I could make it look more sophisticated.

Hey Amelia! Still offering your afternoons? Have anything you'd like to dye?

Does anyone out there have any suggestions on how to dress this up? A tie belt? fabric corsages? buttons? stencils? anyone? anything?

In other randomness, I've been feeling a little weird about being so faceless here on mothandsparrow. Especially since I've been sewing things to cover my big belly, and then just showing them on the bellyless Helen. So, in a moment of silliness I asked Beckett to take some pics of me in this cardigan. So Funny!!! He got some pretty great abstract shots of a rotating fan and a laundry basket. Here's the best one with me actually in it.Very avant garde, I think the kid's got a real future ahead of him.

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  1. Too cute! It doesn't look like a bathrobe at all! I was picturing something totally different when you told me about it. What a tease!