Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just the Facts, Ma'am

I don't like to pout, or host little pity parties in my own honor, but the time has come for me to fess up. I've been put on partial bed rest due to some signs of pre-term labor. We're not talking bedpans and sponge baths or anything, but suffice it to say I'll be taking it easy for about the next month to keep this little guy warm and cozy and out of the neo-natal ward.

Now, not only do I not know how to take it easy, but having been ordered to rest instantly makes me want to rebel and book a trip to Disneyland. Of course I'll comply, I'm just having trouble wrapping my head around it.

So bear with me for the next few weeks. I'll have more time to blog, which is fun, but I'll have little of interest to write about. I'm hoping to revisit some old favorite projects and make more tutorials. Plus, I haven't been forbidden from sewing, though I can't run any errands, so maybe this is just the opportunity needed to further deplete my fabric stash! How's that for finding a silver lining?

Mostly I'll just be spending time with my boys, all 3 of them, and doing my best to keep us all healthy and happy.


  1. I work days all next week. Like off by 3:30 days. So. I'm just saying. You give me the list, I'll run the errand, and then I'll show up at yr place, my sewing machine is already in my car.

    Also, yr little birdy there has a beckett profile. Am I right?

  2. ditto, ditto, ditto...but you already knew that!