Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Saddle Up! Saddle Shoes with Ribbon Shoelaces

Remember last year Spring when I happily got some saltwater sandals straight out of my childhood? Well, enter thrift score #1 - saddle shoes - also straight out of my childhood. I'm generally not one to buy second hand shoes, but I couldn't walk away without these.However, as much as I immediately fell for these, there was something missing. Without the over the top patent leather detailing of other, fancier wingtips they lack the proper whimsy to make them seem fashionable. You know? So I added these ribbon shoelaces and it seemed to do the trick.Pretty obvious, I know, but it made a big difference. These are darling with my jeans or leggings - though I do have visions of poodle skirts in my future. Must... resist... the poodle...

1 comment:

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