Monday, March 21, 2011

Co-op Crowns

Whoever said that glitter is the herpes of the craft world was a genius. And quite possibly a co-op parent. My first official out of class assignment for Beckett's new co-op preschool was to make and decorate 10 birthday crowns. B helped or, more accurately, did most of the work. But the result, apart from the obvious whimsical masterpieces, is that there's glitter everywhere. Tiny bits of sparkle on my hands, my couch, my floor, my dog?!? Ridiculous.

But apart from the raging glitter outbreak in our home, I'm absolutely loving being a part of a co-op preschool. I love the community and sense of responsibility. I love having a hands on role in my child's education, and I love that the parent education side of it is slanted toward the very latest research into brain development etc. It's all around a very positive experience. So while I still very much miss Teacher Tina and our friends up North, I'm happy with our choice.

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