Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There Are Places I Remember...

So the big big news around here is that we're moving. We'll be leaving my beloved Bellingham for greener professional pastures at the end of next month. Even then they might have to drag me away. I'm picturing the new tenants peering wonderingly at the claw marks in the floor leading down the front stairs.

In all seriousness I'm excited for the adventure and reinvention of moving, not to mention the thrill of decorating a new place, but I've lived so much in this apartment. It was our first place together as a young couple. I became a wife while living here and a mother twice over. I became a gardener here. Started avidly sewing here. I mourned my Jasper cat here. My first born said his first words and took his first steps here. It's a lot to say goodbye to.

It's not as if these memories have irretrievably seeped into the walls, but I've already had a few weepy moments and I'm sure there will be more to come. Please pardon any sap that may ooze out over the next few weeks, I'm full of nostalgia and sentiment, and pardon any gaps in posting. I'll do my best to keep up, but apart from holiday festivities and gift making and packing and caring for my kids, I'm trying to really enjoy all that Bellingham has to offer.

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  1. So how's this for nostalgia - ella says, "we need to get a donut and walk up to the waterfall like we use to do..."