Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa's Workshop

My niece, Ella, is into the baby doll thing. Or "creepy babies" as my sister calls them. The seemingly requisite pinks and lavenders of baby doll loot really don't jive with the red and green apple decor of Ella's bedroom. So I made her this doll bedding. There's a mattress cover, a pillow and a blanket.The hedgehog is an iron-on transfer. It's based on a design I did for Ella's nursery before she was born. The apple print is a Minny Muu design from a few years ago (it's actually left over from the nursery's curtains) and the quilt backing and pillow are red corduroy. The corduroy gives it a nice cozy weight and feel. I had an abundance of unused white fleece, so I substituted two layers of that for the batting. It's a little dense, but I'm all about using whatever I have. Saves a few dollars, and means there's less junk to move next month. Actually I didn't spend a dime on this project - it all came out of my absurd stash.While I'm sure Ella will love this, and will use it plenty, it's really a gift for my sister - to give her a break from the pinkie babyland. I just wish I could do something about those uncanny rubber faces.

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