Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

I'm having the most marvelous Holiday season. This time last year I was dehydrated, couldn't keep anything down, rapidly losing weight, and medicated with some garbage that would knock me unconscious for hours at a time. Not exactly the merry little elf I like to be. This year though, I'm fully myself and filled with even more obnoxious joy over getting to play Santa for my 2 boys. I'm overflowing.

This weekend we got a perfectly imperfect tree at a place called Tom's U-Cut, up here in Bellingham. Wonderful people, beautiful trees, very reasonable prices. We decorated and drank hot cocoa, then rode the bus to go see Santa and take a lovely jingle bell laden carriage ride.

I try not to go in for the whole corny deal, and I certainly abstain from the ugly retail frenzy that Christmas usually brings, but I'm a sucker for the trees and the lights and the magic of it all.


  1. Me too! The tree trimming has got to be one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. Even when my son keeps "helping" rearrange the ornaments.

  2. My son is also a ferocious "helper"! Right now the ornaments on our tree are grouped into "friends" so all the snowmen are clumped together, all the pinecones, etc. It looks ridiculous, but it's too sweet to change!