Sunday, December 19, 2010

Peppermint Holiday Necklace Tutorial

This whole projects takes only a few minutes. It goes perfectly with a dress or a chic cardigan or any number of cheesy holiday accessories - think antlers and santa hats.

Materials Needed

-Red and white striped ribbon - 7/8" wide
-5 - 3/4" unfinished wood beads
-Red craft paint
-Bamboo skewers

1 - Paint the wood beads using craft paint. I like to string them on a bamboo skewer for this step so I don't leave finger prints all over them.

2- Cut a 52" length of ribbon. Trim one end at a sharp angle to thread through the beads.

3- String the first bead about 30" down the ribbon. Push the end of the ribbon into the hole in the bead, then use the bamboo skewer to push it the rest of the way through.

4- Tie a knot and push it right up against the bead. String the other 4 beads, tying knots in between. I didn't put knots on the outsides, so there are 5 beads and 4 knots.

5- Even up the ends and trim off any excess ribbon, cutting the ends at 45 degree angles.

There's still plenty of time to make this for any upcoming holiday festivities. I'll get the tutorial for the corsage up in a minute. I hope you enjoy!

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