Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Acorn People

After Beckett had picked out his favorite "little brown specials" for the shadow box, there was a stout pile of acorns left over. While I was busy gluing the box together, he went to my desk, completely unprompted, and came back with a fine tipped sharpie and some craft wood balls. Probably remembering this project from last winter. All I was aware of is that he was being quiet, still, and was in no danger of hot glue burns. So my jaw dropped when he presented me with these, asking me to glue them together.

He, very diligently, drew tiny faces on the balls, and sorted through his acorn tops looking for perfect hats, then picked out an acorn body for each one. Obviously we had to make a little world for them. B painted the inside of this box, then we added twigs and dried moss.
Can you stand it? Because I can't. I'm so impressed with his creativity, his ingenuity, and, frankly, his sweetness. Our world has become increasingly ruled by monster trucks and wrecking balls and car crashes, so it's wonderful to find my big boy still has an affinity for a little woodland cuteness.