Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Decorations

We're huge Halloween nerds around here. At least 3 of us - there's still hope that the little one might have some latent "cool" genes going for him. We have a private street-front entrance to the stairs up to our apartment and this year Beckett wanted to deck out the front door. I cut out some simple ghost and pumpkin shapes and he drew the faces. Aren't they awesome? I never expected myself to be one of those crafting with the kids kind of moms, but their artwork is so much more genuine and expressive than any stale old adult work. I'm a convert. It's going to be really hard to take these off the door on Nov 1st. Who knows, maybe B can draw a mean turkey face?
And of course we have some things inside. Lots of the same goodies as years before. The garland we made last year was falling apart, so I ran it through the sewing machine - my first time sewing paper , it totally works - and brought it back to life. B is also really into the Hattifatteners, ghostlike characters from the Moomin books we've been reading, so we made some accordian fold Hattifattener paperdolls. I suspect we may be making many many more of these in the remaining 13 days till Halloween.This weekend my simple rearranging project turned into a huge de-clutter project. The closets were emptied, and many many boxes of things are destined for Goodwill. It feels great, or it's getting there, but my desk still isn't in working order. So no sewing yet. But soon, I promise, because I have some serious costuming to accomplish.

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