Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Preschool Halloween Party

Today was Beckett's first ever school Halloween party. They've been doing, singing, making, playing all sorts of spooky Halloween kinds of things all month, but today they had special treats and games and of course everyone wore their costumes. Check out the little claws on B's fox sleeve. They're my favorite part and all his idea. He also wanted it to be red, "not even a little orange." It's his favorite color, after all.
Unseen forces have conspired against me this week, it's been a comedy of errors. My unhealthy relationship with Joann Fabrics has become increasingly dysfunctional and, adding injury to insult, my sewing machine dramatically threw its needle arm at me and refused to put it back on. Fortunately I'm good friends with the Halloween Fairy, and she saved the day, as she usually does this time of year. With a borrowed sewing machine and very few minutes the Fox became wearable, if nowhere near finished. The important thing is that my boy was happy, giddy even, and got to spend the morning foxing around with Spiderman, a bumble bee, a pony and seemingly countless princesses.

Now I'm off to make more costumes and finish up this little fox before Sunday. Hope you're up for it, little borrowed Singer!

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