Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm a Little Acorn Brown...

I just popped in to show off our most recent mother/son joint venture. B and I collected acorns and acorn tops this fall, and over the months our collection had dwindled down to 5 little acorn hats. This is what we did with them.B was super nervous about drawing faces that small, and wouldn't even attempt it unless I was lightly pinching the tail end of the sharpie. I think he did an amazing job. He made a Mama one, a Daddus one, and a "the boy" one. Then with the extra tops and wooden balls we made bearded guys. Cuz, beards are awesome. Did you really have to ask?I wish we had collected hundreds of acorn tops, I'd love nothing more than to decorate a future christmas tree with just these guys. Next year, maybe, if my child labor force isn't on to my by then.


  1. Hi,
    These are precious! How did you make the red hats?

  2. The little red hats are felt, cut to make a cone shape and hot glued up the back. Super lazy way to do it, but it works! I hope make some!