Monday, October 25, 2010

My New Favorite Sign

I just saw this sign for the first time up at our local bakery. How awesome is this? I mean, it's a little strange to live in a country where such a thing even exists, where self consciousness has any bearing over giving your child the best possible nutrition, and I'm certainly not going to hunt for one of these signs before feeding my baby. But it makes me proud to be a breastfeeding mother and gives me hope that things are changing.

There are many legit reasons, medical and otherwise that women choose to formula feed, and I'm passing no judgment here. But can we please become a society that accepts, even embraces, that breasts are lovely and intimate and alluring and wonderful playthings but sometimes the girls've gotta work too?

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  1. I had my first child over 8 yrs ago and, whilst things have improved a bit in this country (Ireland), it is still frowned upon by many older people when mothers feed in public.
    My last children are twins, now 2 and a half, and even the midwives were not always encouraging! I never attempted to feed them together in public, only ever one at a time! That would be too much for most people!