Saturday, September 18, 2010

Woodland Mobile with Tutorial

This makes me so happy. It was one of those projects that just manifests so organically. My husband started tossing out ideas for a mobile for Calder. He suggested using twigs or a branch (we're both big fans of branches as decor, a few years ago this apartment was lousy with 'em.) So, as we caught up on a few episodes of Being Human, I made a few owls from the clay leftover from these and these. Thus the plan was set in motion. A few more owls, one nature walk and handful of spare minutes later Calder was cooing up at his owl friends.It's not standard syrupy sweet baby mobile. I'd be stoked to have this in our house even if we didn't have kids. And Beckett is asking for one of his own now too. Wanna make one? I highly recommend it, it's so easy and satisfying. Here's how:

*Disclaimer - This is for decorative purposes only. Do not let your baby pull, chew, grab, throw, gum, suck or otherwise play with this mobile or any of its parts.*

-a branch
-polymer clay in a few colors
-fishing line
-needle nose pliers

-First you'll need to sculpt your objects. Keep it simple, basic shapes look awesome against the intricacy of the branch. In fact, simple spheres would be stunning. Hmm... I may have to try that...-Cut lengths of wire about as long as your object is deep. You'll need one for each object. Make loops in one end of each piece of wire by wrapping it tightly around the tip of your needle nose pliers.

-Push the straight end of each piece of wire into one of your objects. Now each of your sculptures should have a little bit of hanging hardware.-Bake your objects according to the clay manufacturer's instructions.

-Next you'll make the hooks. I did this by curling wire around my chapstick tube, then making a loop in the end with my pliers.

-When the baking is done and the clay has cooled, tie each object to a hook using fishing line.

-Then hang your sculptures on your branch.I didn't take any progress pictures, as I hadn't intended to make a tutorial, but my tutorial photos are usually less than great anyway. If there's anything that needs clarification, please leave a comment and I'll gladly address it. Thanks and enjoy!


  1. This is sooo beautifull! Love it!

  2. Molly wants to make this. :) I think it is simple enough for me! It would be fun to make a Halloween one with bats! Miss you!!

  3. How cute! We were thinking of trying something similar. How did you secure it to the wall?

  4. Hi! Thanks for commenting. I hung the branch with fishing line attached to push pins. It's sort of triangulated against the walls. Good luck!

  5. Hi, would LOVE something like this for my soon to be here son's owl nursery. Do you ever make and sell any of your ideas? I know mine would look nothing like owls:)Thanks

  6. i made my own version, though I think i should move the owls around a little bit....

  7. Amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for. It's beautiful. I just hope my owls are a gorgeous as yours.

  8. precious creations ... and very inspiring ... :)

  9. love love love this... thank you for the inspiration!