Thursday, September 30, 2010

5 and 6 Down, 1 to Go!!!

Here's the boatneck tee from my list. I'm not going to lie to you, it's longer and more shapeless than it was in my head. It would take me all of 15 minutes to chop off a few inches from the bottom and take in the sides to get that classic boatneck look, but I'm actually completely enamored with this shirt. It's easily the most comfortable thing I own. It's soft, lightweight and breezy. The "mistakes" I made are what make it, in my opinion, more interesting. I've barely taken it off since I finished it. And I'm about to throw on my skinny jeans and take it out for an errand running spin.

Next up is my wide leg trousers. This project is hit and miss. It's my first attempt at adult pants. I made the pattern by tracing another pair of well loved pants and widening the legs. I think the legs are a smidge too wide and the crotch is a tiny bit too shallow. On top of those issues, the seersucker fabric has a strange, almost waterproof-y, texture to it. It sounds weird when I walk. I hate that. Plus they photograph really badly. Boo!Despite all of this, I've worn them quite a bit. Even out of the house. So they can't be all that bad, right? I'm so thrilled that Kid's Clothes Week forced me to make nice with ribbing. I learned so much. The waistband of these pants is 2" wide elastic encased in ribbing, and it's definitely my favorite part. I'm thinking I'll tweak this pattern, try to work out the kinks, and try it again on some interlock knit fabric.

Speaking of interlock knit, I really want to make myself an Acorn Hunting Hoodie. But that would mean buying fabric, so it'll have to wait until I'm finished with my last project - the thermal tee, which is actually no longer a tee, but it is still thermal, so it counts.

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