Monday, September 13, 2010

2 Down, 5 to Go

Amazing what one can do in a few hours. Today was Beckett's first full day of preschool, giving me 3 full hours with just the baby this morning, and giving me the chance to work on my list. This is the short sleeve wrap cardigan. It's made from navy blue interlock cotton, and has trim and side ties from this great bird print I scored on ebay a while ago. I have to get going on the other projects, not only because I'm itching to go fabric shopping, but also to remind myself that I like to make things other than these wrap cardigans. At least, I think I do... don't I?Apparently September is National Sewing Month, which in part motivates me to sew like crazy, and in part makes me want to burn my bra and take a sledgehammer to my sewing machine. What can I say? My latent feminist has a will of her own. Also, this awesome sewing blog,, has a kid's clothes week sewing challenge. I'm thinking about it. The boys could use some new duds. Anyway, I'm loving September and B's new school and I hope it proves to be a productive month.

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