Thursday, April 30, 2009

Project Runway Bham Take 2

Our night and our sewing projects were huge successes! I love my dress so much, and though I frequently envied the way my friends could put their arms above their heads, I was feeling super cute in my dress. Amelia re-purposed an old sheet turned tablecloth into a springy chic and youthful high waisted bubble skirt. Shirley's lime green corduroy knee length skirt was perfectly executed from a pair of pants (if I hadn't seen the pants myself, I wouldn't have believed she'd made it.) Plus my beloved sister came out with us, she didn't make her clothes, but she did make the night perfect.
I made a knee length cotton dress with a ruffled collar, and a little cropped vest. I completely fancied myself an updated Lizzie Bennet, and not just because my sexy husband is prone to bouts of Darcy-esque crankiness.Here we all are, pretty cute right? So much fun, thanks ladies.