Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The April Fool

On a few occasions I misplace sentimental attachments to holidays. Halloween, to me, is a night for unabashed Valentine-esque romance. Valentine's day I treat like Easter with spring planting and morning baskets of chocolates and cuteness.

April Fool's day is my father's day. On no other day of the year do I miss being at my parents house like I do on this day. Growing up, my dad would appear on this most sacred of mornings, with socks stuffed down the front of his backwards jeans, calling himself "The Man with Two Butts." Despite the second rear, The Man with Two Butts was surprisingly inconspicuous and got away with pulling all manner of pranks on his unobservant daughters.

Here's to you Dad. Happy Foolish Father's Day! I'm hoping that some clerical error leads to April 1st falling on an unexpected number of weekends during Beckett's childhood. No child of mine will be deprived of salt on his corn flakes! Thanks for teaching me the value of a good black pen, that long distance driving is an experience in space-time and that the wonder of childhood has no age limit. Not to mention all the other things you've taught/been for me that can't be put into any concise language. I love you, Buddy!

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