Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Best egg hunt EVER. Not only did we spend Easter with some amazing folks - Beckett's favorite brother/cousin/uncle/friend Truman and his family - but we also spent Easter at an amazing home. Seriously, check this place out. It's the ancestral home of the Torrance family whose matriarch passed away about a year ago. The real estate photos accurately capture the grandeur, but not necessarily the charm. It's been my favorite house for years, and I'm thrilled to have been able to spend a few more hours there before it's out of the family.B cared more about the magnifying glass he found in the house, than he did about any robin's eggs, chocolates or HotWheels that the Easter Bunny may have left. He ended up with an impressive haul, so he must have known what he was doing. Still it wouldn't have killed him to take it a little less seriously. Hercule Poirot in pastel or Philip Marlowe with malted milk balls. What can I say? That's my boy.

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