Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Times

I suppose most people believe themselves to have been weird children, so I'll spare you that morsel of egotism. Instead I'll just say that at recess I was rarely found on the jungle gym or with any athletic equipment, but instead building a hillside dugout abode for a much cherished pebble. On vacation, I could be found with a hot glue gun and a pile of tiny found shells making minuscule sea monsters. At home, most likely, I'd be at my desk surrounded by a cast of miniature Fimo characters. Polymer clay was something like my first great love.

This love was quite suddenly rekindled last weekend when I was in dire need of decorative mushrooms for a birthday terrarium. Then last night, with a glass or two of wine bubbling through my bloodstream and easy spousal conversation bubbling through the air, I picked up the leftover clay. I made two more mushrooms, a crow shaped bird, two wrens (one more wren-like than the other) and a large and small owl. So friggin' fun. And I love how the white looks against my mosses. They're all pretty tiny. The biggest of them all is the large owl which towers at a whopping 1 1/2". The wrens are about 1/2" high. I'll post pictures once I get these guys situated with the other terrariums and then, I promise, this will be a moss-free blog for a while. Though perhaps not clay-free for some time.


  1. ooohhh. eeeee. ooooiiiirrrkk... and all other uncontrollable noises we make when we see something we like, a lot. grrrrrunnnntttt.

  2. I love it! Your owls look so wise and immortal. You really have a gift...