Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Notes From the Sewing Table

Tomorrow night 3 women will don budget handmade garments, made in the past day or so, and celebrate their successes or drown their failures with cocktails at a posh locale. Hopefully this time, one of these women will have the forethought to bring a camera. Here's a brief preview and a rundown of the lessons learned from this 2nd installment of Project Runway Bham.

-Elastic is not just for old men's waistbands, it also comes in handy if you prefer to actually move your arms.

-Zippers, while seemingly fancy, are only optional for those who can dislocate their shoulders at will.

-Furthermore, picking up contortionism may make me a better seamstress, just as undertaking more projects like this will undoubtedly make me a better contortionist.

-Atrociously giant puffed sleeves are really easy to make, especially when going for a dainty Lizzie Bennet sleeve.

-When you're going for "deconstructed" and end up with something that just looks "demolished", Fray Check is your best friend.

-Hand stitching isn't ghetto, it's couture.

PS I don't have a sewing table, unless your definition of table includes a bit of cleared off carpet.

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