Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Treat Table

Decorating with mustaches is pretty much the best. It automatically anthropomorphizes any object. We stuck them on bowls, cups, heaters, flags. I didn't find much that wasn't improved by a little well groomed facial hair. Take these cupcakes. By far the simplest cupcake decoration I've made, but also probably the most whimsical. The mustaches are black cardstock and the eyes are chocolate chips. Done and done. The kids got attached to all the different styles and chose their cupcakes very carefully (the "Magnum" was the least popular.)
The other goody we had with the cupcakes, which were an even bigger hit, were chocolate lollipops made from this mold. For the preschool party this morning I decorated the cupcakes with chocolate mustaches (from the same mold, but without the sticks) and chocolate chip eyes. Delicious and funny, but not as nearly as charming without the style variety.
It really was an excellent party theme. I'm so proud of my boy, his sweetness, his imagination and his sense of humor, to have come up with this whole idea. I'll post some of the decorations next.

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  1. Hi there, and thanks for visiting my blog;-) Funny you also have the nice Italla cup,- I do a small collection of them too, and I also use them for flowers sometimes. Your arrangements made me long for spring;-) What a great idea with musatch theme for a party! I find things more funny and less "stiff" with a mustach attached to it. For now , I am visiting my parents up north, so I wont be blogging for a while, maybe Ill write some in english one day, I will let you know;-)