Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Mustache Bash

The big party was today. And though some people couldn't make it, it was amazing. I may have to include a photo booth with a dress up box in all future parties, for either adults or children. The birthday boy was in mustache heaven, loving his birthday bowler hat and seeing his friends and loved ones with mustaches of varying styles. It was lovely, the kind of relaxed and happy gathering that you always hope for, but can never plan for. I love my friends, and Beckett's

I have to say, I have the world's most marvelous friends and without their generosity and willingness it never would have come together. Thank you Amelia!!! Thank you Heidi - though you've never read this blog!

I slacked on the picture taking, and my little camera wasn't quite up to the low light task, but I'll post what pictures I have of the details in the next few days.

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