Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday Photo Booth

The best part of this party was the photo booth. It was just our Ikea curtains tacked to a wall with decent natural light, a chair and a vintage suitcase filled with dress up items. Hats, glasses, crowns, necklaces, masks, eye-patches and a variety of mustaches on sticks, of course. Remind me to do this at every party. Ever.I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted, and somehow my sneaky husband managed to escape the camera all together. The best ones, which I won't be posting for obvious privacy reasons, are of B and his friends, little somethings to remember Bellingham by. But I have some good ones of the birthday boy and me and a few great ones of my dad and his grandsons.Be advised if you attempt this at one of your get-togethers that you may end up with a painful urge to buy a crazy expensive camera or an iphone with shakeitphoto. Or both. Which is what has happened to me.

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