Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Room

Hey there folks. Sorry for the hiatus. No baby yet, but it's been a pretty dismal 5 days or so. That being the case, I haven't given much time or thought toward any creative pursuits, but I have been happily appreciating my previous efforts at designing and decorating our living space.
Above all is the bedroom, or least our half of our shared bedroom. I say above all because this is the one room least likely to be struck by that rare meteorological oddity, the Hot Wheels Tornado. Therefore it's the most likely to look like a place for adults - messy, laundry piling adults though they may be.I still have plans to put foxes on our solid white bedding, and I'd love to play around with drawing/ painting/ screenprinting on some of these old windows that I so adore. But certainly not today, and probably not anytime super soon. So I'll just keep enjoying this room for just what it is.I just looked over this post again and yikes. Would it have killed me to straighten the frames on the wall before I took these photos? Let all pretend it's intentional, deal?

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  1. omg your terrarium collection looks aMAzing in that window!! EnvY!!