Friday, June 18, 2010

A Little Wit's End Madness

I'm in a funny mood. I've spent the last week with a stopwatch in hand, waiting for these damn contractions to either get down to business or JUST STOP, for crying out loud. A whole week of this nonsense! I haven't slept, am currently missing my childhood best friend's wedding (doctor's very stern orders,) and am feeling like the entirety of my brain's usable RAM is overloaded with baby-ness. As a result (perhaps a knee-jerk result) I've had no interest in baby projects, in cuteness and littleness and the like.

But at this point, driven beyond rationality, a superstitious notion has taken root - maybe the big hold up with my little Jones is that I haven't made him anything. Maybe he's holding out. So last night I did some sketching. I started with some bears and birds and ended up, predictably, with a fox.Actually this is an old idea that's spent the last year-ish in one of the many unconsecrated mass graves I call my sketchbooks. Apparently its ghost had unfinished business with me, though and it materialized last night (largely inspired by this darling hat Shirley posted.) So now I have this drawing, which I love and which doesn't overwhelm me with saccharine cuteness, but I don't know what to do with it. Stencil a onesie? embroider a bib? framed cut paper? watercolor?

Well, whatever it becomes, I'll be tinkering with it today as much as I can, so check back to see what happens.


  1. i vote embroidery! just because it will take the longest :) and I need you to make it through the weekend!