Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A New Season, a New Header, and a New Keanu Reference

The sky is bright and dramatic, my fingernails are perpetually lined with planting soil, and we just had our first March windstorm. It feels like Spring, and I'm sprouting new ideas from my soggy Winter brain. But first I need to get started on a long overdue bookplate project. B seems to be experiencing a fresh burst of independence this morning, so I had a chance to peruse a few of my favorite reference books, and get some drawing synapses firing. Research is such a luxury to me these days, and the rare coffee and books moment is more like a friendly ghost from my past than anything tangible. So, I thought I'd commemorate this morning and the new season with a new header.

Here's to a productive Spring, because this baby is a ticking (kicking?) time bomb that will effectively end all production unless the wheels are already in motion. Uh... I just made my pregnancy sound like the plot of a certain Reeves/Bullock classic, or maybe the next in the franchise! Speed 3: Internal Combustion. "Pop quiz, @**hole, you've got 3 months to start something lucrative, or say 'hello' to a dairy cow Summer. What do you do? What do you do?"

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