Thursday, March 11, 2010

Being Benched

I wanted a bench. A child-sized bench with a little storage, nothing fancy. You have no idea how ill fated this seemingly simple mission had become. I was mere seconds from scrapping the whole idea when Beckett spontaneously announced, "I want a toy box for my toys with clouds. White clouds with light blue 'cause that's what the sky looks like."Killing two birds with one IKEA trip has never been so gratifying, mostly due to all the aggravation leading up to this point. Beckett picked out the color, and even got to wield the paint roller a time or two. The clouds were just some quick contact paper stencils (I've had a roll of that stupid stuff taking up space for years, good riddance!) placed over the original white panels.I'm still going to give them legitimate cushions, 2" foam covered in some coordinating fabric. But just thinking about finding a "coordinating fabric" to match (or subdue) all of the crazy we have happening in the playroom right now makes me break out in hives. Any suggestions would be warmly received! Also please ignore my dirty carpet. Much obliged.

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